Job interview

2013.05.12 11:33

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Erina: Hello, is Mike here?

Todd: Oh you know, I'm sorry, he's out. He's doing a delivery. Can I help you?

Erina: I actually came here for the job application. I was going to talk to him about the job

Todd: Oh right, right. Are you Erina?

Erina: Yes, I am.

Todd: Okay, yeah, Mike told me all about you. Actually we are hiring, so, but he said that you're not Canadian, right?

Erina: Yeah, I'm actually an exchange from Japan.

Todd: Okay, so, with your visa, do you have a work-agreement? Can you work on your student visa?

Erina: Yes I can.

Todd: Okay. Well, let me tell you about the job. Basically we need somebody to work about 10 hours a week. We have two jobs available. One is to make pizzas, and another job is to make deliveries.

Erina: Okay.

Todd: Would you be comfortable driving around Vancouver?

Erina: Yeah, I would actually love to, because I would... I have to... learn about the roads, but I'm really interested in driving.

Todd: Well, since you're new to Vancouver maybe we should start you out just making pizzas at first?

Erina: Yeah.

Todd: Do you have any cooking experience?

Erina: Yes, I love cooking.

Todd: Okay.

Erina: Yup/Yeah.

Todd: Well it's pretty basic what you have to do. You just make the pizzas, everyday. You work in a team, there's usually 4 people, and we'll start you out basics, with the basics first. Just putting on the toppings, and putting the pizza in the oven.

Erina: Oh that sounds pretty easy. I can do that.

Todd: Okay, well, tell me about your schedule. What days can you work?

Erina: I can work on Tuesday and Thursday, and the weekends.

Todd: Okay, how many hours would you like to work every week?

Erina: I can work 5 hours, 6 hours a day.

Todd: Okay, we need a little more than that.

Erina: A little more?

Todd: Yeah, could you work maybe 10 hours a week, would that okay?

Erina: Sure.

Todd: Basically what we would do is, need you on the weekends, maybe 8 hours?

Erina: Okay.

Todd: 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Erina: Okay.

Todd: And then maybe 2 hours one night during the week.

Erina: Okay, I can arrange my schedule.

Todd: Okay. What I need you to do is, come back in and bring in all your documents

Erina: Okay.

Todd: Your passport and things like that. And, we'll have one more interview with the other manager, and if it works out, we can get you started.

Erina: Oh, thank you. So I'll bring all the documents for you the next time we (bring)... the next time I come in.

Todd: Okay, well great. Thanks a lot for coming in Erina.

Erina: Oh, thank you so much.


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