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2013.05.12 11:29

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Erina: Wow, Stanley Park is such a beautiful place. Thank you so much for inviting me.

Mike: Yeah, no problem.

Erina: You're friends are very nice, too. I really have... I'm really having so much fun.

Mike: Well I'm glad you like it. I think Stanley Park is a great place.

Erina: Do you come here often?

Mike: I wish I could come here more often, but I'm usually working.

Erina: Oh, where do you work?

Mike: I work on the pizza place, just offcampus.

Erina: Oh, that pizza place?

Mike: Yeah.

Erina: Oh I recognize that place a lot.

Mike: Yeah, it's a good place, and it's great because a lot of the people I work with are people from school.

Erina: Yeah I've actually been there, too. It was pretty good pizza.

Mike: Really? Yeah, I sometimes make pizza but usually what I'm doing there is taking phone calls and making pizza deliveries.

Erina: Oh that sounds fun.

Mike: Yeah, actually I was talking to my boss the other day, and he was telling me that he needs someone else to start working pretty soon. Have you ever thought of part-time work in Vancouver while you're studying?

Erina: Oh yeah, actually I have. I wanted to save up some money for me to hang out with friends because I don't really have much money these days.

Mike: Yeah, well it's... it's a pretty good job. You receive about $10 an hour, and if you're making pizza deliveries, you get tips at the door.

Erina: Oh, sounds perfect too because... I also wanted to meet many people through work, and I guess that pizza place, I can meet a lot of people from campus, too.

Mike: Yeah, it's also good because the boss is easy-going and he lets you be flexible with your schedule.

Erina: Oh that's important.

Mike: Yeah.

Erina: So if I want to apply for this job, what should I do?

Mike: Well actually the next time I work is Monday, so why don't you just come in Monday afternoon after you finish school?

Erina: Oh that sounds great. I'll do that.



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