New York

2014.04.10 23:37

Mike: Hey, Mari.

Mari: Hey.

Mike: So, I told you about Florida. How about you tell me something about New York?

Mari: New York, yeah. I was born in New York, and I lived there for a little bit over half of my life. There's lots to do in New York.

Mike: So, what part are you from?

Mari: I was born in New York City and then I grew up in the suburbs about 40 minutes north of New York City.

Mike: So, what did you do growing up?

Mari: When I was very young I used to go to museums with my parents or go to Broadway shows, and go shopping as well.

Mike: So, you like the city life?

Mari: I do like the city life. It's very convenient. It's energetic. There's lots to do, and New York City is really diverse so it's fun to see the different communities and different people and tourists walking around.

Mike: So if I was visiting New York, what should I do?

Mari: It depends on which season went to visit, so I don't know if you went during the spring or summer time, I would suggest that you spend some time in Central Park. Go see sports. A lot of sporting events during the summer and there are a lot of events also in Central Park. There's outdoor theater and music concerts and stuff but if you went maybe in the wintertime, you should go see all the windows on Fifth Avenue that are decorated with very holiday themed decorations and Rockefeller Center is know for their big Christmas tree, and you just get a really fun feeling in New York City. Everyone's a little bit more nicer, and I don't know, I like all the seasons in New York City so it depends on which season you decide to visit.

Mike: Ah, sounds great, so there's a lot of things to do in New York.

Mari: Yeah.



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