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2014.12.12 16:29

hi, my name is Ann, I am 21 years old and come from New York. I work as a secretary. I'm single and live in a flat in Boston. I like reading and listening to music.

New York

2014.04.10 23:37

Mike: Hey, Mari.

Mari: Hey.

Mike: So, I told you about Florida. How about you tell me something about New York?

Mari: New York, yeah. I was born in New York, and I lived there for a little bit over half of my life. There's lots to do in New York.

Mike: So, what part are you from?

Mari: I was born in New York City and then I grew up in the suburbs about 40 minutes north of New York City.

Mike: So, what did you do growing up?

Mari: When I was very young I used to go to museums with my parents or go to Broadway shows, and go shopping as well.

Mike: So, you like the city life?

Mari: I do like the city life. It's very convenient. It's energetic. There's lots to do, and New York City is really diverse so it's fun to see the different communities and different people and tourists walking around.

Mike: So if I was visiting New York, what should I do?

Mari: It depends on which season went to visit, so I don't know if you went during the spring or summer time, I would suggest that you spend some time in Central Park. Go see sports. A lot of sporting events during the summer and there are a lot of events also in Central Park. There's outdoor theater and music concerts and stuff but if you went maybe in the wintertime, you should go see all the windows on Fifth Avenue that are decorated with very holiday themed decorations and Rockefeller Center is know for their big Christmas tree, and you just get a really fun feeling in New York City. Everyone's a little bit more nicer, and I don't know, I like all the seasons in New York City so it depends on which season you decide to visit.

Mike: Ah, sounds great, so there's a lot of things to do in New York.

Mari: Yeah.


Job offer

2013.10.02 17:27

Erina: Wow, Stanley Park is such a beautiful place. Thank you so much for inviting me.

Mike: Yeah, no problem.

Erina: You're friends are very nice, too. I really have... I'm really having so much fun.

Mike: Well I'm glad you like it. I think Stanley Park is a great place.

Erina: Do you come here often?

Mike: I wish I could come here more often, but I'm usually working.

Erina: Oh, where do you work?

Mike: I work on the pizza place, just offcampus.

Erina: Oh, that pizza place?

Mike: Yeah.

Erina: Oh I recognize that place a lot.

Mike: Yeah, it's a good place, and it's great because a lot of the people I work with are people from school.

Erina: Yeah I've actually been there, too. It was pretty good pizza.

Mike: Really? Yeah, I sometimes make pizza but usually what I'm doing there is taking phone calls and making pizza deliveries.

Erina: Oh that sounds fun.

Mike: Yeah, actually I was talking to my boss the other day, and he was telling me that he needs someone else to start working pretty soon. Have you ever thought of part-time work in Vancouver while you're studying?

Erina: Oh yeah, actually I have. I wanted to save up some money for me to hang out with friends because I don't really have much money these days.

Mike: Yeah, well it's... it's a pretty good job. You receive about $10 an hour, and if you're making pizza deliveries, you get tips at the door.

Erina: Oh, sounds perfect too because... I also wanted to meet many people through work, and I guess that pizza place, I can meet a lot of people from campus, too.

Mike: Yeah, it's also good because the boss is easy-going and he lets you be flexible with your schedule.

Erina: Oh that's important.

Mike: Yeah.

Erina: So if I want to apply for this job, what should I do?

Mike: Well actually the next time I work is Monday, so why don't you just come in Monday afternoon after you finish school?

Erina: Oh that sounds great. I'll do that.


Job interview

2013.10.02 17:26

Erina: Hello, is Mike here?

Todd: Oh you know, I'm sorry, he's out. He's doing a delivery. Can I help you?

Erina: I actually came here for the job application. I was going to talk to him about the job

Todd: Oh right, right. Are you Erina?

Erina: Yes, I am.

Todd: Okay, yeah, Mike told me all about you. Actually we are hiring, so, but he said that you're not Canadian, right?

Erina: Yeah, I'm actually an exchange from Japan.

Todd: Okay, so, with your visa, do you have a work-agreement? Can you work on your student visa?

Erina: Yes I can.

Todd: Okay. Well, let me tell you about the job. Basically we need somebody to work about 10 hours a week. We have two jobs available. One is to make pizzas, and another job is to make deliveries.

Erina: Okay.

Todd: Would you be comfortable driving around Vancouver?

Erina: Yeah, I would actually love to, because I would... I have to... learn about the roads, but I'm really interested in driving.

Todd: Well, since you're new to Vancouver maybe we should start you out just making pizzas at first?

Erina: Yeah.

Todd: Do you have any cooking experience?

Erina: Yes, I love cooking.

Todd: Okay.

Erina: Yup/Yeah.

Todd: Well it's pretty basic what you have to do. You just make the pizzas, everyday. You work in a team, there's usually 4 people, and we'll start you out basics, with the basics first. Just putting on the toppings, and putting the pizza in the oven.

Erina: Oh that sounds pretty easy. I can do that.

Todd: Okay, well, tell me about your schedule. What days can you work?

Erina: I can work on Tuesday and Thursday, and the weekends.

Todd: Okay, how many hours would you like to work every week?

Erina: I can work 5 hours, 6 hours a day.

Todd: Okay, we need a little more than that.

Erina: A little more?

Todd: Yeah, could you work maybe 10 hours a week, would that okay?

Erina: Sure.

Todd: Basically what we would do is, need you on the weekends, maybe 8 hours?

Erina: Okay.

Todd: 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Erina: Okay.

Todd: And then maybe 2 hours one night during the week.

Erina: Okay, I can arrange my schedule.

Todd: Okay. What I need you to do is, come back in and bring in all your documents

Erina: Okay.

Todd: Your passport and things like that. And, we'll have one more interview with the other manager, and if it works out, we can get you started.

Erina: Oh, thank you. So I'll bring all the documents for you the next time we (bring)... the next time I come in.

Todd: Okay, well great. Thanks a lot for coming in Erina.

Erina: Oh, thank you so much.


Taking tests

2013.10.02 17:25

Rese / Botswana
speakerI think.. all people learn, because they give you the opportunity to evaluate how much you know and how far you've gone with whatever it is that you're learning, and they give you a chance to also see how close you are with your peers in the class.

Lindsay / United States
speakerI think tests help people learn, because they hold you accountable for information. Otherwise, even with myself, if I know I'm not being tested on it, I might write it down, but I'm not going to absolutely spend the time to sit and learn it, so they hold you accountalbe. That's why people are--

Sunny / Korea
speakerYeah, definitely, I think tests help you to learn, because they can review the things and then organize the knowledge in a systematic way, too, when they prepare for tests, and they can adopt many learning technologies when they prepare for tests.

Paul / England
speakerI think tests are good in a sense that students are able to kind of organize their study. I think overreliance on tests is a bad thing, whereby the test result dominates the student concerns. The focus should be, I think, more about learning rather than test-taking.

Katia / Mexico
speakerI do not think that tests help people learn. I actually believe it's quite the opposite: tests would stress some people and it tends to make the students memorize rather than learn. So, I really don't believe that tests help students learn.

Tim / United States
speakerI think some tests are good because they motivate people to learn. But I think a lot of people have the tendency to study for a test very hard, to do well on a test and not really appreciate what they're learning, because they're only concerned about just getting a good grade on the test.


Fast food

2013.10.02 17:23

David / Kenya
speakerHow often do I eat fast foods? I'm really not a fan of fast food, but when I get a craving, I just listen to it and go to either one of the fast food restaurants and shops and get myself a nice burger and fries.

Aiste / Lithuania
speakerNot very often. I don't like going to fast food restaurants because I really don't have a very strong digestion system so therefore if I go to eat fast food, I don't feel very good, so I prefer the food that is better quality than fast food.

George / United States
speakerUh, fast food. Fast food. Since college probably only once a month or less. Again, back in high school it used to be maybe three times a week, but where I live now I can't find a lot of fast food restaurants, so I think that's the reason why I don't eat it so much now.

Mike / Singapore
speakerFast food. One too many, because the bus stop where I take the bus to school and in front of the bus stop there is a burger joint, so it's very convenient for me to just grab my lunch from there and sometimes when I'm on my way back home. I'll also get my dinner, but of course it's not healthy and, but then again because it's so convenient, so that't the hard thing. But I'm thinking of cutting down on fast food.

Chrystal / United States
speakerFast food? Every time I crave for it. There is this really great hamburger joint like right outside my house and I just can't stop eating it. I have to go there maybe at least once a week just to grab those burgers.

Diego / Mexico
speakerI eat fast food, I think, only once a week, and it's usually when I don't have time to cook because I'm a very big fan of cooking, so if I eat fast food it'll be on the weekends when it's really late and I don't want to cook.



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